About the project

Project "Cenu Banka" is real estate transaction database (archive) - DB, located at www.cenubanka.lv

The project aims to bring real estate professionals (appraisers, analysts, brokers, etc.) together, creating a database with added value. This added value is reflected in the comments to real estate deals.

This DB contains information on transactions with all types of real estate (apartment, premises, land plots, buildings) in Latvia.

Prices DB are placed by DB maintainer SIA CENUBANKA.LV. The information placed is the original product of the maintainer, based on the data of the Real Estate Market Data Base of the Real Estate State Cadastre Information System (Source © State Land Service, year of publication of the first issue 1998 - 2017).

Access to the DB is for registered users only.

The user is not allowed to transfer his access codes to another person. In the event of an infringement, the User can be blocked.

Anyone can sign up by contacting DB maintainer (see "Contacts") and closing the DB subscription agreement.

Users have no right and opportunity to edit the basic information about real estate transactions, thus the DB maintainer guarantees the accuracy of the basic information and the high quality of the total DB.

Users are invited to be active and add additional information known to them - photos, descriptions, plans, etc. For this purpose, a convenient "Add a Comment" section for each real estate transaction has been created.

The user can withdraw from the project at any time by notifying the maintainer of the DB (see "Contacts")

Significant changes to the terms of use are announced in the "News" section